Shapes all around

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning all about shape, measurement and location. All of the 1-2 classes have been hunting for shapes in our school yard. Here’s what we found:


Squares have four equal sides and four corners.


Circles are round and have zero corners.


Rectangles have four sides – two short sides and two long sides.  Continue reading

Terrific Time Tellers

In week’s 3 and 4 of this term, the students in grade 1-2 were learning all about time! Here is some of the fun we had:

  • In Mrs Gooderham’s class we had a heap of physical fun with a warm up on time! We counted how long different things took by clapping, doing star jumps, leap frogs and other fun things! We also used our knowledge of tens facts in one of the tasks!

  • In Miss McCallum’s class, we read a beautiful Picture Story Book which gave us a look at many different aspects of time! We also looked at passing time and applied our knowledge of comparisons and timelines to show how long different tasks took!

  • In Ms Stefanidis’ class we had a wonderful warm up where we linked counting, addition and number patterns in with calculating passing time! Then we worked on Calendars, looking at important dates and solved some questions on elapsed time on the calendar between dates!

  • In Mrs Tran’s class we made our own analogue and digital clocks that we can manipulate to help us solve questions on time!

  • In Miss D’s class, we practised our skip counting by 5’s and looked at counting by tens and the patterns we notice while we are counting! This helps us when we look at the five minute intervals on an analogue clock face! We also worked on passing time ordering our day using the class timetable, and ordered categorised things as long and short.