Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

This term, all students in grade 1-2 have been participating in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. The goal is for each student to read or experience at least 30 different books. We have had so much fun completing this challenge. The best books we have read so far include:

  • Pig the Pug – Aaron Blabey
  • Puffling – Margaret Wild
  • The Very Cranky Bear – Nick Bland
  • The Brothers Quibble – Aaron Blabey
  • Our Granny – Margaret Wild
  • Queenie the Bantam – Bob Graham


Making Pirate Hats

This term, students in the Grade 1/2 area were introduced to a new text type; procedural texts. As it can be rather tricky to understand all of the structural features of this text type, students spent some time in class identifying the different features and reconstructing procedural texts into the correct format. 

To further expose students to procedural texts and their structure, we decided to make a pirate hat. Students were very helpful throughout the session, informing the teachers of exactly what was needed to make a pirate hat (a piece of rectangular paper and textas). The students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session – especially when they were able to fold, decorate and wear their pirate hats.

The best part was when the students shouted out, ‘Arrrrrrrr’… This was so much fun!


Thursday 24th August

On Thursday the 24th of August, our school celebrated Book Week by organising a Book Character Parade. It was a GREAT way to come together as a whole school community. It seemed that many of the characters that we have grown to love and cherish had stepped out of their books and into our assembly area. Students from Prep to Year 6 dressed up as their favourite story book character and paraded in the school hall to much applause and appreciation from the audience.

As usual, parents and students alike are to be congratulated on their imaginative and inspired costumes. The playground was awash with colour and drama!

Sophie Stefanidis

The Book Character Parade was amazing! I saw people having a parade. They dressed as Harry Potter, Spider Man and Batgirl and Batman. By Marline

I felt so amazed that everyone looked so good. People said nice things to each other. My costume was Spiderman. By Sam


Our Book Character Parade was colourful and exciting, as reflected in the photos below



Wow! I felt good at the parade because I like all the costumes. I dressed like Thorman. By Ryan


Guess what? Today I was feeling proud because I dressed up as a cow girl from Toy Story. My favourite book character was Mary Poppins. When the principal announced the winner, it was tin man. By Delta

Book Week

The grade 1/2’s had a great day dressing up as their favourite character.

The students particiapted in the book week parade in the hall where they showed off their costumes to the rest of the school community.

It was fantastic to celebrate the books that won the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.