Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

This term, all students in grade 1-2 have been participating in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. The goal is for each student to read or experience at least 30 different books. We have had so much fun completing this challenge. The best books we have read so far include:

  • Pig the Pug – Aaron Blabey
  • Puffling – Margaret Wild
  • The Very Cranky Bear – Nick Bland
  • The Brothers Quibble – Aaron Blabey
  • Our Granny – Margaret Wild
  • Queenie the Bantam – Bob Graham


Werribee Mansion

On Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th of May, our grade 1-2 students visited the Werribee Mansion. The aim of this excursion was to support our Inquiry learning around the past and the present. Students participated in a range of activities including a tour of the mansion, dress ups and a visit to some old farm buildings. Read some of their thoughts below:

Zuhair: My favourite part of Werribee Mansion was washing the clothes. I learnt you needed wood in the past to get the dirt off clothes.

Lien: I was grating the soap like they did in the olden days. The soap was used to wash clothes. It smelled a bit bad like rotten butter!

Brandon: We went to the wet room where we learnt about washing clothes. We had a tour of the Werribee Mansion with the butler.

Aboriginal for a Day

Guess what? On Thursday the 9th of November, the grade 1-2 classes participated in the Aboriginal for a Day incursion. Big Al, Pancakes and Azza led us in many fun activities including dancing, face painting, storytelling and art. We all had a great day and learnt lots about Aboriginal culture. Read some of our thoughts below.

* Thursday was the best day ever! We heard people play the didgeridoo and it was awesome!! We saw traditional dancing and I danced in front of everyone. Pancakes had a kangaroo skin on his back. I liked it.


* On Thursday I drew a map with Azza. I was so excited because I love drawing. I drew home, boys, girls, emus, water holes, kangaroos and snakes. I had my face painted with brown stripes and white dots. The teachers put the paint onto the end of the paint brush to make the dots.


* On Thursday some visitors came to the hall. They were funny. We did face painting, drawing, dancing and Big Al told us a story about how the echidna got its spikes. We jumped like kangaroos, walked like echidnas and flowed like eagles. I had fun.



Buddy Bus Stop

Sometimes when we are all by ourselves we can feel lonely. If we feel like this at recess or lunchtimes, we can go to the Buddy Bus Stops. There are three of these in our school yard. If we see somebody at a Buddy Bus Stop, we can stop by and ask them to play 🙂


Shapes all around

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning all about shape, measurement and location. All of the 1-2 classes have been hunting for shapes in our school yard. Here’s what we found:


Squares have four equal sides and four corners.


Circles are round and have zero corners.


Rectangles have four sides – two short sides and two long sides.  Continue reading


On Friday, we participated in our first clubs session for 2017. The Clubs program allows us to meet other students and teachers across the school, try new things, have fun and practise our school values. There are 18 different clubs and we have all been assigned to one of these clubs for the rest of the term. The clubs program currently runs every Friday at 2:15. At the end of the term, we will have a celebration to showcase our learning. Here is some of the fun we had in our first session:

  • In i-Pad club we practised making movies with the i-movie app!

  • In Science club, we were learning all about how things move and we made paper spinners!

  • In Cooking club, we talked about our favourite foods and made a chef’s hat!

  • In Dungeons and Dragons club, we were goblins searching through caves!

We are excited to visit our clubs again this week!

The St Albans Show

Today we were very lucky to have Joseph Ribarow come in to talk to us about the history of St Albans. He showed us lots of pictures and explained how life has changed from the past to the present in our local community. Here are some of the interesting things we learnt:

In the past, people at school had to get their water from the water tank – David

Joe didn’t have to wear a uniform to school – Hamionie

There was no K-Mart, the shops were smaller – Susan

Joe was born in Germany and he is 69 years old. He lived with his family in a one room bungalow – Marline

Continue reading

Terrific Time Tellers

In week’s 3 and 4 of this term, the students in grade 1-2 were learning all about time! Here is some of the fun we had:

  • In Mrs Gooderham’s class we had a heap of physical fun with a warm up on time! We counted how long different things took by clapping, doing star jumps, leap frogs and other fun things! We also used our knowledge of tens facts in one of the tasks!

  • In Miss McCallum’s class, we read a beautiful Picture Story Book which gave us a look at many different aspects of time! We also looked at passing time and applied our knowledge of comparisons and timelines to show how long different tasks took!

  • In Ms Stefanidis’ class we had a wonderful warm up where we linked counting, addition and number patterns in with calculating passing time! Then we worked on Calendars, looking at important dates and solved some questions on elapsed time on the calendar between dates!

  • In Mrs Tran’s class we made our own analogue and digital clocks that we can manipulate to help us solve questions on time!

  • In Miss D’s class, we practised our skip counting by 5’s and looked at counting by tens and the patterns we notice while we are counting! This helps us when we look at the five minute intervals on an analogue clock face! We also worked on passing time ordering our day using the class timetable, and ordered categorised things as long and short.