The St Albans Show

Today we were very lucky to have Joseph Ribarow come in to talk to us about the history of St Albans. He showed us lots of pictures and explained how life has changed from the past to the present in our local community. Here are some of the interesting things we learnt:

In the past, people at school had to get their water from the water tank – David

Joe didn’t have to wear a uniform to school – Hamionie

There was no K-Mart, the shops were smaller – Susan

Joe was born in Germany and he is 69 years old. He lived with his family in a one room bungalow – Marline

St Albans was filled with empty paddocks – Elaine

There were no cars and phones in the past – Brandon

Joe and his family came to Australia on a ship – Cyrus

 St Albans was named after a saint from England called Albans – J

Joseph started at the school when it first opened – Rohi

Joseph was a little kid once – Arden

The houses were smaller in the past – Brigit

Joe used to bath in a bucket – Vanhou

The milk came from the cows in the backyard – Jeiane

Lots of people had chickens when Joe was a kid – Arvin

Joe lived in a bungalow – Hawa

He showed us the photo of the families shearing sheep. They used the wool for making jackets and jumpers – Lucas







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